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Common Kestrel feeding on a mouse Common Kestrel (Falco innunculus) consuming a mouse over a pole during the meadows while in the Netherland common kestrel stock images, royalty-no cost photos & photographs

تتغذى بشكل رئيسي على الثدييات الصغيرة ، مثل الفئران ، الزبابة ، الفئران والطيور الكبيرة مثل الزرزور. ومع ذلك ، فإن طيور العاسق هي طيور قابلة للتكيف وستتحول إلى اللافقاريات مثل الخنافس وديدان الأرض والجنادب أو حتى القواقع. في الحدائق ، سيأخذون بقايا اللحوم.

Globally, this species is just not viewed as threatened via the IUCN. Its shares have been impacted from the indiscriminate use of organochlorines and other pesticides during the mid-twentieth century, but getting some thing of the r-strategist capable to multiply rapidly underneath excellent conditions it had been less impacted than other birds of prey.

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Patterned head showing related attributes as the male. The black stripes on each side of the head are not as Daring as from the male. 

Several subspecies of your Common Kestrel are known, though some are rarely distinctive and should be invalid. The majority of them vary minor, and generally by Bergmann’s and Gloger’s Rules. Tropical African forms have a lot less gray in the male plumage.

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A common visual display is a sluggish, "shivering" flight where both sexes conquer their wings quickly but shallowly. It may well appear to be only the tips of their wings are beating.

Kestrels and various birds of prey regurgitate undigested foods in the shape of pellets, much like the one observed in this article. (Photograph: MikeLane45 via Canva)

Kestrels can even from time to time hunt from a perch higher than the bottom or fly near to the bottom and launch a surprise attack on their prey. Rarely do they aim prey that may be traveling inside the air.

This transfer into metropolitan areas has given the Eurasian Sparrow hawk entry to common kestrel migration a abundant supply of sparrows as well as other modest birds that prosper in city areas.

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